Yasuragi, an oasis of calm

Just a short moment from Stockholm, an oasis of calm opens up. The last thing you hear is the car doors that lock when you start the short walk towards the entrance. Expectational steps through wooden portals that for every gate make you forget the outside world. We are at Yasuargi. A Japanese SPA, designed by Japanese architect Yoji Kasajima, which is larger than you think, but nicely distributed in many small spaces. It feels intimate and private, at the same time airy and large. Contradictory and difficult to achieve.

We left our clothes and mobiles in Mezame. The room where you can take in deep breath and sleep, all four in the same room on the balcony facing the coniferous forest. Perfect for the family. Perfect for us. In the bathroom there were three washing places and a generous built-in bath. If you look up calmly, I think you land here. I Mezame.

During the summer, Yasuragi is adapted for both young and old – the concept Yasuragi Kids. In the traditional Japanese culture, not only is there silence and harmony, there is also room for play, laughter and imagination, both for adults and children. Getting time together in a soothing environment without a screen and mobiles.

There are many activities to choose from. Japanese forest bath sounds wonderful. A combination of very slow walking on soft paths in the park or forest, with guided suggestions and activities that can open our minds to experience nature in a new way. But also ikebana, which is the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers. Where Western florists in many cases place the emphasis on the decorative in the amount of flowers, colors and the beauty of flowers in the arrangement, practitioners of ikebana choose to work largely with color combinations, beautiful, clean lines and the aesthetic interaction between vase, flowers, leaves and stems . Exciting, right.

Being at SPA with our friends, Jasmina and Anna, is a bit like maximizing the ice cream with an extra scoop. Something when it is already so good that you can’t even dream that it can get better. Al of a sudden caramel ice cream with sea salt lands and everything is maximized. Maximized nice, so to speak. Just like that. We have the perfect SPA experience spiced up with babble, laughter and endless conversation. But also pleasant silence. Thank you for this day. A day to save and pick up in the dark of November.

Just like the nice new “robes”.