Visit the hot spots of Halland

Two weeks ago we were south. Surrounded by people we have come to like so much. People with the same type of established behavior, take photos first – talk and eat later. A visit to some of Halland’s best hot spots. Beautiful, nice, friendly Halland. Although we started our journey in Gothenburg in the studio of dito Hanna Wendelbo.

It all started on a train journey down through Europe. A mixed group of people became a band of friends. Scattered thoughts landed in confidential conversations.
And here we go again. Halland. But first lunch in Hanna’s studio in the neighborhood of Majorna, Gothenburg. Here you can just sit for a while and take in the room, as Ernst would have said. So much finesse. Wallpaper, pumpkins, paper flowers, real flowers and dried flowers. A new wallpaper favorite is called Pirum.

… Once there was a dark stone house that everyone was talking about. The house had been there for as long as anyone could  remember, and the longer the time passed, the more the house seemed to be devoured by the forest. Everyone who passed by wondered, of course, who lives there? And what happens inside the house? No one had ever seen the door open, but their was smoke from the chimney and kerosene lamps moved from room to room. It was obvious that someone was living there, inside the unopened door. Rumors spread and soon not only the villagers came by and watched, but also the king himself. The king was a very wise man, but unfortunately very old. The sight had long since subsided in the rubbish so he could not see any door that was opened until it had possibly knocked him in the middle of the face. But then one day when the king was scratching his head, a young girl came by. Everyone called her the girl-from-the-sand. She lived on the beach in a simple little house. She had sand in her pockets, and sand-colored hair.
– Let’s knock on the door, she said without blinking. All the villagers, including the old king, stared doubtfully at each other. Could you just do that? In a detached house that seemed to be owned by the forest. No, it was probably nothing to recommend. The girl-from-the-sand shrugged and raised her hand. Just when her knuckles were about to hit the door with force, a creak was heard and the door opened …

This is roughly how we feel about this picture taken outside Tjolöholm’s castle. How do you feel?

Outside Tjolöholm Castle is the fantastic Allmogebyn. Gardener Andreas Blomberg guided us around the magical planet rings, but we still our only thought are still stocked at the girl-from-the-sand. Who lived inside the forest house?

We checked into a small cabin and we said in unison, “imagine spend the time here and be creative without a any time limits“. What a dream!

The longing for the castle became too strong. Even though it was a planned visit the next day, we needed to see it. I think that the whole company felt the same longing when we took quick steps up for the castle path with our powerful lenses and low ISO numbers in full swing.

The outside gossiped about the majestic beauty of the inside. And we would be satisfied, be so sure. However, the castle requires a completely own post. For those interested, you can google Cecilia Blanche Charlotte Dickson, best known for being the builder of Tjolöholm’s castle after her husband’s death. An incomparably interesting woman!

If you think that – seasonal green food joy with the plant kingdom and the forest as inspiration, also organic with pure ingredients and flavors that make body, soul and nature alive – sounds exciting, I can only agree. I think no one would ever be able to regret one vego catering with the one and only Cissi Urbanke. Halleluja food-moment!

If you up for lunch in Varberg, you should not miss Verket .

Seaweed Sauna and cold bath can be enjoyed at Varberg’s kusthotell. And just wondering if it was here somewhere she lived, the girl-from-the-sand.

The smell of tea can evoke everyone. But, all superlatives recently ran out and the superlative generator needs to recharge the batteries, so we ask to return soon with a longer chronicle about the fine fine fine (you see, 0% ingenuity on the adjective front) moment at KLCO.

– It feels like we are in New York, I said and enjoyed every single step up to floor three.

Okén’s B&B for those who want to go to Varberg, with a spice of Manhattan. 1000 points for breakfast, but who’s counting?

Welcome to Tvååker. The project with great potential. Add incredibly exciting, dreamy and very, very brave. This will become something absolutely fantastic. Follow Sonja’s porch and see something absolutely enchanting come to life. So sincerely happy that we got the chance to see this now, because then you will not be able to believe your eyes!

Hi Falkenberg! Quick facts Lilla Napoli:
Neapolitan pizza is baked at 600 degrees for about 40 seconds.
Time for us to take all the pizzas about 3 minutes.
Time for us to empty all the plates including the nutella pizza about 5 minutes.
Time to think for all of us to give the thumbs up, about 0 sec.

As if the pizzas had not already broken all the limits for how much you can eat, we had to visit the fine-coffee place Borgmästargården. Porcelain and panel love for this little beautiful location to whom we would very much like to return.

Thank you  Johanna, Malin, Anna, Jasmina, Marlene for an impeccable company of pleasure and extra thanks to  Hanna & Kristin for all the planning and love.