Tattooed Christmas balls


Fast, simple and effective crafts are the best. Perhaps that’s why this year’s fast-folded stars made such rocket success. This weekend, Instagram really was swamped by folding crabs in the cabins. So many different, inspirational variations. Lovely!

We folded our first last week and since then it has been, so to speak, a bit of a decline …

Last week we went on another super simple craft (or more of a pimp) after finding nice old balls on flea market for matchless SEK 1 / pcs. Tattoo Christmas balls. Our tattoos really work on so much more than sticking to the skin. Do you remember when we tattooed eggs?

Now Dear Sparrow and Octupus felt more up-to-date. Typical Christmas, n’est pas?

These little stars come from IKEA and if you are just a little careful with the water, the tattoos attach nicely without destroying the star. And help! they even attach to the linen cloth …