Sweep of the week, 44

In Sweden, schools have closed every year week 44. We now call it ‘reading break’. This means that some children go on kindergarden and the parents work just as usual, or the children may be at home with their parents who “are out of office” or are really ot of office. You can guess how we small business owners do?! We live the double life and try to work and be present with the children at the same time, a tricky combination but also a wonderful challenge. One hour mail vs one hour Monopoly etc.

And speaking about reading break. Our little book was released this week. Gertrud, the little seamstress. 
Gertrud is the tiniest if them all, but she knows magic and no one knows how to do it. To find her strength she created a magical circus tent to finally find her passion and self-confidence in costume design. Among needle and thread, burning jumpsuits and fluttering tulle we get to follow Gertrud’s journey, both the one she is doing inside herself and the one she is doing in the magical flying circus.

Gertrud – the little seamstress, is a dreamy book on rhyme for children 3-6 years old.

When the sun dispels darkness and night turns to day, 
she knows that being tiny doesn’t mean being frail. 
That strength lies in being who we are and finding our will, 
whether we want to paint, sing, sew or just sit still. 


Finally, Snällkalendern is starting to enter the stores, and also in our web shop (only available in Sweden). Our proud dream project with the Friends Foundation. Thank you everyone who shares, supports and contributes. As of this week, it is also available at COOP and Telia’s stores. This year will be a bigger challenge to sell the calendar as we are recommended to stay at home due to Corona situation. But, what a great thing to share with the family during the dark days of December. A call to good action every day. Kindness is perhaps the best thing you can give someone.

Read more about Snällis here. Less than a month before we can open the first door!

We found on our creative friend Towerp’s instagram, this nice activity. And imagine the only skills required are to be able to handle a mixer and have the patience to sit still for 5-10 minutes. Alginate powder is mixed with water. Pour everything into a suitable jar/container suitable for the purpose. Stick out what you want to cast from. In this example, hands. Sit completely still while the mass solidifies and then pry off your hands carefully so that the mold does not break. Mix plaster and pour into the mold. Let solidify and then break up the shape and ta-taa the masterpiece is ready! Read more at Towerp.

This week’s finest photos come from California, and favorite account Susie Snaps. Dare to say, the cutest wolfpack of the year.

Just a friendly reminder. Stay safe and smile a lot.