Sweep of the week, 40

We started the week with wonderful lunches and nice visits to our future little store at the office that we wrote about last week. Our first trial customers showed great interest and desire to buy. In any case, I think everyone bought something!

Marlene found the cups that matched her nails, Anna & Jasmina went from here with both candles and cloth napkins. Johanna bought books and Malin went for her favorite Lady.

And we got to practice making nice packages. Of course we will have Fru Vintage 11 coffee in the store.

But we are still keeping low profile with the opening date, it obviously takes longer to price tag all goods than we had thought …

Bit ihop och kom igen. Mvh Livet

Then it was off to Jönköping. Directly to Katrin Bååth’s magical studio (there really is no place like this).

With the amazing brands  Baby Mocs, Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik, Quod and Karin Marks lovely Textoteket we got to gather when Katrin opened her enchanting treasure and welcomed Jönköping residents and the surrounding area to the ‘open atelier’. How wonderful to meet people and be back in this energetic place. Thank you Jönköping!

You manage to get ‘The bouquet’ that is nominated for the most beautiful bouquet of the year, two years in a row,  if you are smart enough to invite Anna Kubels & Jasmin Bylund to lunch in October. Oh Lord, mega chrysanthemums with dahlias in sweet colors make the heart pound. Just like it does when we think about our plans for the future … Thank you. So nice. Flower magic deluxe!

Here is a family movie tip for kids a little bit older. It is recommended from 13 years old and contains some short but violent scenes, but otherwise an absolutely adorable film, lovely environments, outstanding costume and fantastic actors. We’re hardly alone to be in love with Millie Bobby Brown after Stranger Things? But we also get to see favorites like Henry Cavill (as young Mr Sherlock Holmes and big brother to Enola) & Helena Bonham Karterar (the mysterious mother who disappears without a trace). Enola Holmes on Netflix is a feminist spin on Sherlock Holmes. Yes, thank you, we say, fresh new and good script based on the books. Nice to the eye and good message!

Jönköping’s without a doubt finest, most charming and most inspiring children’s store is called Katani. Of course we visited and of course we said countless times, you should have a little baby. But of course they offer things when you have slightly older children too. We bought a nice book. Can you have too many? The answer is no.

Hope you like the ‘sweep of the week’. Next week we are back with a book tip you must not miss and maybe some sneak peek pictures on upcoming news. Bye for now.