Sweep of the week, 39

One sunny day this summer, when the holiday brains got some air under their wings and started thinking high-fly, we realized we wanted a shop. A small shopie where you could find a selection of our products, some second-hand goodies from all our prop hunts and nice off-to-dinner-gifts, which we ourselves lack in the area.

It may have been the worst idea from two tired ​​holiday brains. Imagine a chronically messy office that suddenly is to be transformed into a small, super-cute store. We say hi and hello to an impossible assignment. But said is said and laid short lies. And since then we have painted and built. Cleaned and thrown away. Purchased and sent back. Sorted and price marked. We have even acquired a street talker sign that we will place on Aklejavägen 29, in Herrängen when the time is right.

-But when do you open then?
Well, we do not know yet, but follow us @mrsmighettogaraget  and we promise to let you know.

This week’s color inspiration spread from soft powder, terracotta, dark palette leaves, to two shades of sage. Beautiful palette, right?

We dare to write the world’s tastiest pear cake. Only five ingredients. Perhaps I manage to write the recipe in 50 words only, who knows? Lovely,  ne c’est pas?

Oven at 175 degrees. Grate 400 g almond mass, mix with 100g butter. Toss in 4 eggs, a little lemon zest and mix well. Pour the cake batter in a buttered form and press down about 3 cutted pears. Into the oven for about 35 minutes.

Powder icing sugar for the sake of beauty and serve with cream or custard.

Cream with a taste of punch is best, if you ask me.

Finally we had the time to devote this beauty for a while. It would be impossible not to have already nicely-sighed, ear-marked and fan-flipped this good-looking. I would like to say that it is even impossible to walk past without wanting to throw in, take a holiday week and improve yourself in this book. Discover a total harmony between text and image, then spice it up with an incomparably good layout.

Congratulation Oh Dear Hanna, who took all the pictures and wrote all the text for this  beauty that everyone wants. There are a lot of things on the happy-to-do list after reading Hanna’s book. How about Leaf crown of autumn leaves? Or wreath of eternity? Or immerse yourself in color theory school? Did I hear Mandalas? Do you make the neighborhood’s nicest pumpkin? Flower cakes … and that is not all.

No-one could have missed  Svanfeldt Coffee’s fantastic project ‘Hjärngänget’. CP-coffee, ADHD-coffee, EXHAUSTED-coffee and ADDICTED-coffee. These 4 coffees reinforce the message that the money from every kilo of coffee sold goes to the Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden), which provides money for research on diseases and conditions that affect the brain. I dare say that we are all affected, directly and indirectly. Did you know that the research includes Alzheimer’s, eating disorders, epilepsy, anxiety, CP damage, autism, dyslexia, stroke, depression, addiction, ADHD and much more. To drink a coffee that is good and does good and then be involved and change the lives of many others, by contributing to the research around the brain. Go Go! And feel free to read more about the fantastic brain gang Vanja Wikström, Mimi Höglin,  Ellinor Löfgren,  och Ditte Svanfeldt .

This week we launched ‘Ladies of the Lake’. Honestly, it’s a bit like completing an important race, participating in a competition or watching your child make an appearance.  Countdown, nerves and enjoyment. Also add nocturnal disturbed sleep. We’re not sleeping well this week. I think it’s the nerves. We dream of invisibility and fire. About swimming upstream and angry friends. Everyone agrees that it is of course a certain type of stress, but I promise it is also immense pride and joy.

So when finally Lady Ash, Lady Ebony, Lade Ivory  among the other ladies are getting up on the office walls after launch, only the last enjoyment remain.
Thank you to all of you who made the Ladies launch so nice and wonderful. All the sleepless hours were completely unnecessary.

Next week we will take Ladies on a tour to Sweden’s warmest city, in addition we have two fantastic meetings booked and the entire autumn collection’s packaging will go into print. Who knows, we might even have time to bake a cake. See you then!