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In the beginning of the year we were part of this fun project ’Designer Hands on Second Hand’. Incited between Prettypegs & Myrorna.

We are very excited to run a collab with a brand that shares our values and that focuses on working for a more humane and sustainable society. Salvation Army (Myrorna) is the Swedish brand that offers unique furniture pieces to those who have the eye to see their potential.

All our earnings in this auction – are going to the Swedish Salvation Army’s (Myrorna) social work. We are proud to be a part of Myrornas’s cool mission. The auction items are furniture that all have been selected and upgraded by some of Sweden’s most popular designers, decorators and stylists.

The upcycled furniture will be auctioned online here at Prettypegs – the auction starts 1st February, 2017.

Follow the epicycle auction HERE.

More info on the dollhouse HERE.

Take a closer look at the new wallpaper here.