Started among the clouds and landed in sparkling flowers & soft cream

Our wallpaper history is not really like a highway. It is more like a winding path, with lots of stops for blueberry pick, scrying for the view and thousands of coffee breaks. It started among the clouds, 2016 with ‘Oh Cloud’ in a fantastic collaboration with brilliant Jimmy Cricket.

Then we continued  to own wallpaper production in Sweden, Ulricehamn. In the former Sandberg’s fantastic factory we got to participate all the way in the production of a traditional wallpaper. So incredibly fun to work with color masters and printing rollers, meter-long machines and buckets of paint. A real fairy tale factory. Their and then, the Circus Mighetto wallpapers was born. One in powder pink and one blue-grey variant.

Land of Roses, Ocean Stories, Mighetto Garden & Oh Deer

Then we went back to Australia again. Not physically of course, but by email and mail everything is possible. And the production is funny enough based in Sweden. Then we made six new designs that Sofia Mokkasin took so nicely. Land of Roses, Ocean Stories, Flying Boat, Mighetto Garden and Oh Deer. Can you imagine the dream of naming them!?


And finally … the winding path takes us to the present, we had to make a wallpaper together with Anna Kubel, a special mission for her daughter Hollie and her dream of horses and flying rabbits (although flying rabbits can be a post-construction of us as we could not resist them). PONIES for HOLLIE, which is now available in two color schemes; Pale Green and Sandy Pink.


Shortly thereafter, we fulfilled the dream of a fields of flowera in constant prunk. POPPIES for MARLENE, with darling friend Fru Vintage. Two blue color schemes to create effect for room in file.


Cut to just a few days ago when we finally launched a new color of POPPIES for MARLENE, a dream in Soft Cream. The magic pictures are taken by Emily Slotte, in one of her adorable children’s rooms. Just the wonderfully soft, warm feeling we had in mind.

Well, well, we have come to the end of our wallpaper memory lane. Exciting where we’re heading next time, right.