Small things that make a big difference

Without even thinking, we knew we would love this. I think it has to do with the creative mind. Personalize (even love the sound of it) to be able to create a little self, to add a personal style to the mainstream look. And then our dream, to take on our expression, our world and translate it into new products. We spin like cats.

Meeting brilliant Matilda (owner of) Patchy Tiger made the whole project 100% irresistible. We fell for her products at first and then for her personality. And it strikes us once again that there are so many amazing women entrepreneurs who have the heart and all the values in the right place. It is a gift that we are allowed to meet so many.

"Jippie yeay to be a small part of this! ''

Patchy Tiger was born in 2017 for the love of upcycling and personalizing. They mainly launched recycled denim jackets and pimped them with personalized patches and personal names. Today, they have collaborated with a variety of exciting designers and have a large number of fantastic patches in their range, not to mention the lovely letters for writing, for example, your child’s name or an important message on their favorite garment. The whole jacket, matched up and ready, can be purchased here.

Patchy Tiger only uses leftover material in its production and they do their best to ensure that the manufacturing process meets environmental friendly standards. In addition, a percentage of all purchases contribute to a selected donation program that educates the world to think a little more sustainably for a better future. Yeay, to be a small part of this!

Attach your patches by gently damp backside, place on selected surface with cloth on top and iron on moderate heat with pressure. For even better results and for washing machine safety, attach your patch with a few stitches.For even better results and for the match to stay in place  even through a round in the washing machine, attach your patch with a few stitches.

Our collaboration includes four motifs packed in different options. Here our lovely Flying Pony in the beautiful large size 15 x 10.5 cm.

Mirrored Swallows in 2-pack will adorn my backboard but maybe also 2-pack Bunny & little friend. Otherwise, all variants are available in a case pack of all five.

All variants are in the NEW Little Things category.