Sweep of the week 41

It’s almost awful how fast a week goes by. Time flies. The thoughts pass. The moments disappear and suddenly you have a completely new starting field. Malin & I have been running speed races for almost six years. Yes, actually now in October. I think we launched our very first collection on October 14, 2014. Betty-Spaghetti, Flora-the-happy-one, Olle and Tyra. So maybe we should celebrate our birthday on Wednesday. But as I know ourselves, our celebration drowns in unanswered emails, deep talk and winter tire change. Everyday life, which we love. But every now and then we usually treat ourselves to a new product as a gift. So was the deal with our first book, so who knows. There are so many products in our dream assortment team.

And wait, it’s time. A smaller launch with a bats collection. Mr Henry takes lead as the 50×70 poster. Do you remember our first Henry in 2014? New paper friends to make wall decorations, garlands, mobiles and more, and more … For dessert a 2-pack card. Our ‘Boo Twins’ that we could not possibly resist. That’s us.

Or as my son said, “I just want Henry, you can take down everything else.”

Yes, just that. Launch on 15/10. So now on Wednesday. 

Book of the week is Sofia Wood and her magic book; Chez Wood. Fantastic recipes comes with magical photos taken by Frida Edlund. I fold ears on every single page and think, oh la-la on every single flavor combination. Now, all has to be cocked. From cover to cover. First out Pasta with Artichoke and Lemon. Bon Appetit!

And you know what, the next book is coming now in October. Longing like crazy, actually.

Halloween is approaching. Are there more people like me, who think the pumpkin are too hard to dig out, too messy to and too cumbersome to cook some kind of eatable when the children have carved out the intestines of the poor vegetable? Here is my best tip on pumpkin 2.0. Garlic. Found this at best Maren Baxter.

This week, a wallpaper has also appeared on the wall. Finally. Guess which one? Well, the color soft cream of course, by Poppie for Marlene. According to Malin, this was the world’s easiest wallpaper to put up. Took 40 minutes from start to finish. Pictures and video proof will come, very soon.

No one can reasonably have missed this outstanding photographer from Chicago? If I get a single second to spare, I can rest my eyes here. It’s like sending the cornea to the SPA and having poetry read directly into the soul. My Lord, so beautiful.

That was all for this week. Well met in a week. Swim calmly, as Helge says.