Wer bin ich? Board Book


The book ‘Wer bin ich’ has strong, durable pages perfectly adapted for small children’s hands. A board book for the smallest one who have begun to take an interest in animals. On the pages we find a selection of the most common animals, well in addition to the unicorn and the dinosaur. They are actually quite unusual.

What animal can this be? The book’s eleven animals, also typical characters from Mrs Mighetto’s world, have their own spread and rhyme.

Streichle meine Wange, mein Fell, meine Ohren,
hör genau zu, dann hörst du mich schnurren.
Ich kann nicht sprechen und sagen: ja oder nein,
aber wenn ich dich mag, reibe ich mich an deinem Bein.

The book is available in two other languages, Swedish and English. It is printed at an FSC-certified printing house in Poland with responsible material choices.

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