Lady Cornelia


…”The parking lot looks the same, but my world has collapsed. I turn up the seat heating hoping to stop shaking. I study the way he shifts weight. The way he pulls his beard. The small things that are evident. Chrystal clear. He bought coconut cake. My favourite. Today, it taste like nothing. It sticks to the roof of my mouth. I eat it anyways. A tasteless gratitude. We don’t touch each other. We just sit there, side by side, crying. Together, each with our own heavy cloud of anxiety over our heads.”

In Sweden alone, 9.000 women are every year told that they have breast cancer. You probably know someone. Thank you for being a part of this donation to help fight cancer. When you buy Lady Cornelia, we donate 25 SEK to the benefit of cancer research.

This poster is available in sizes 30×40 cm and 50×70 cm. It is printed on 170 g matte premium paper to maintain the nice feel of the original painting.

Get inspired or find a perfect match with posters from previous Lady collections.

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