Poster 50X70 Miss Rose

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In the realm of dreams, where imagination dances freely and the whispers of adventure beckon, there exists a place untouched by the ordinary – the sacred sanctuary of a child’s room. Within these walls, where innocence and wonder collide, every corner holds the potential for magic to bloom. And what better way to adorn this sacred space than with the ethereal charm of handmade and unique kids’ room posters?

…Miss Rose or Captain Rose as everyone calls her, has mastered her gift of being able to breathe under water. As if water were air and air were water, there is nothing to stop her from travelling through any environment. Captain Rose once lived deep, deep down in ocean with the Ocean People until she became one of the Ocean Kids and moved into the super-roomy hold of the S/Y Ocean.

The Poster measure 50×70 cm and is printed on 170 g Munken Polar Rough matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original hand-painted drawing in watercolor.

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