Charity is just like tattooing… and time to be on our first podd

Good morning! How are you? I was just wondering if you want to be my very first guests in … ‘drum whirl’ .. my smoking fresh podd Mrs Vintage 11 coffee? Recording sometime in May.

Without blinking, we answered: Oh, that sound like fun. Of course we want to.

About a week later: By the way, what should the pod be about?
Marlene replies: I have no idea.

But of course she had. There was a clear plan and a week later we sat and munched breakfast in Marlene’s beautiful kitchen where the beauty of porcelain competes with the delight of the tasters, where the warmth hospitality could melt the largest iceberg.

Episode number one had just been recorded with the new stunning equipment that we admired while we lose ourselves with yogurt bowls, homemade bread, vintage cups, cheeses and looking-good-tea. The first guest was Marlene’s most important person, her husband Mackan. And the giggle in that section, can we please buy it canned, thank you! Like two newly in love teenagers, as if they had two thousand secrets in their luggage. It says so much between words, we wish for nothing but Mackan to be a recurring element in this podd! Listen here (its all in Swedish).

BTW, here is the stylish tea we talked about. Available at FGL store.

"does she have a crystal ball in the vintage cabinet or what?"

Then we do our podd premiere. We talk about the right being so easy and the current pandemic. About how different our memories are around the first time we three met – was it one day, or was it two? And how could Marlene be so sure we would spend a lot of time together – does she have a crystal ball in the vintage closet or? Yes maybe. We talk about when we want to quit the company Mrs Mighetto for the first time, about sisterhood, about our shared journeys and why charity is just like tattooing.

And don’t forget to press the button! Nothing would be more dramatic than recording an entire podd and than figured out you never hit the button.

" We ignore the ground elder and focus on the dahlias"

Dear Marlene. Thank you for letting us be on your show.

And than we talked about why we ignore the ground elder and focus on the dahlias, as a strange parable for a criminal action. And than we speak of something we’ve never ever have talked about before. For what happened, Malin did not want to paint a single line again and Anna’s blinds went down, it became a total darkness.

Yes, all this and a little (or a lot) more. Listen here. (sorry, only in Swedish)