Not just any patches…


In collaboration with the amazing Pathcy Tiger, we launch yet another collaboration. In June 2020, we released the first collaboration of textile repair patches, decorative patches, textile patches, patches, well, what should we call them? We think they are more for decoration than repair, but if you want to hide a hole or a stain and extend the life of the garment, we are the first to say; fantastic! hurray! how lovely!

Patchy Tiger was born in 2017 out of a love of reuse and personification. They mainly launched recycled denim jackets and pimped them with personal patches and proper names. The whole jacket, with name, patched and everything is available here.

Patchy Tiger only uses leftover materials in its production and they do their best to ensure that the manufacturing process meets environmentally friendly standards. In addition, a percentage of all purchases contribute to a selected donation program that trains the world to think a little more sustainably for a better future. We say; Yeay to be a small part of this! Read more here. 

Say Hello to Dear Swan, Birdie, Butterfly & Miss Gertrud

Close up of Gertrud and Butterfly. Dazzled by how nicely they got to the embroidery and extra pleased with how soft the colors became.

It is important to keep in mind that the glue needs time to melt. Moisten the garment, place the patch where you want, put on a piece of cloth, towel or similar and warm for a long time. For me with minimal patience, I want to emphasize LONG TIME! Do not iron directly on the patch as this will damage the thread. If you want it to sit rock hard and also withstand machine washing, we recommend needle and thread, so fasten it with a few stitches. Ta-taa, it’s done!

For those of you following us on Instagram know that we started the week in an old school to photograph all the SS21 spring news. Large windows, old beautiful wooden floors, narrow passages and exciting sloping walls … but more on this another day.