Mrs Mighetto in design collaboration with Geggamoja

Finally we can show you! Our lovely collaboration with the Swedish brand Geggamoja. One of the many reasons we got in to this collaboration was the accuracy of production (down to the smallest detail) and the high quality of the clothing. Geggamoja has always positioned itself for its fine qualities and its concern for the environment. All production is located in Europe and they have a fantastic environmental ambitions.

Now we are launching two collections together. One in the softest bamboo and an (online exclusive) bath collection with UV50 + protection.

Let’s take it from the beginning, bamboo is a grass (actually the fastest growing plant on earth!) that reaches its maximum height of around three meters after only three months. This means that it requires a relatively small area to produce a lot of material. It is water-bearing and therefore does not need to be watered to a greater extent. It requires no spraying or fertilizer and in addition, bamboo converts more carbon dioxide into oxygen compared to most plants. So it is grown completely naturally and without chemical additives, sounds good right?!

Today most of all bamboo is grown, which means that it is not a threat to biodiversity in China. Overall, bamboo is known to improve the soil where it is grown, and is therefore a good environmental choice!

The inside of the bamboo stem is rich in fiber and is very suitable for making fabric. When making bamboo fabric for our clothes, a mechanical process is used that is environmentally friendly.

This means that the bamboo stem is crushed under high temperature and uses natural enzymes so that the bamboo fibers can be combed out and then spun into yarn. The process is very similar to that of producing linen fabrics from flax and hemp.

Bamboo blanket

Bamboo has amazing qualities! First, it is incredibly soft and smooth against your baby’s skin. It is a stretchy material and it has very good breathability. When you put on a bamboo garment, it feels cool and many people think it is a wonderful material during the warmer months of the year. However, it should not be limited to warmer days as the fibers also heat up when it is cold outside! It is naturally antibacterial and because it is antistatic it also repels dirt, making it easier to remove stains.

The bamboo fabric is a mix of 67% bamboo, 26% organic cotton and 6% elastane. The fabrics are made in factories that are Oeko-Tex Certified, and therefore our bamboo products have that marking.

There is also a less environmentally friendly process for producing bamboo fabric, the viscose method. It means that bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots are boiled in strong chemical solvents and several stages of bleaching. There are several potential health risks and environmental damage here and are therefore not considered environmentally or socially defensible. Geggamoja’s clothes are NOT made of bamboo viscose.

The collection consists of 27 products, t-shirts, leggings, hats, dresses, bed sets, blankets etc … Lots of goodies!!

The sizes range from 50/56 up to 122/128 in some models. See the entire collection here.

Launch 4 May.

These lovely UV fabrics are breathable and are made of a quick-drying material. UV50 + blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, but do not forget to protect the skin that “stick out” with sun protection factor and be careful during the day when the sun is at its strongest.

The collection includes swimsuits, swim pants, sun sweaters & trousers, pram sun protection, sun hats, blanket / towel etc. The collection also includes a “Mini-Me” matching mom swimsuit.

UV collection contains 13 products and releases online exclusive May 4th. See the entire collection here.

Photos taken by Jasmina Bylund & Anna Kubel