Christmas lunch delux

When the alarm clock rang, early in the morning, on Friday morning, it tickled my stomach. As it does on Christmas Eve. Or before the song starts on birthday morning, when you’re lying there and still pretend sleeping while the family tussles outside. The stomach was so full of expectations that not even a cup of coffee could fit. We drove north to one of the most beautiful houses we know. A small dream in sweet tones, but above all a house filled with warmth and love. We have been there all seasons, and even in gray December, the cozy light shines through.

"The Christmas tree so green in the cottage
and on the porch we forgot all about the cake."

We are in the home of  Anna Kubel and Jasmina Bylund. Well, it’s only Anna who lives here. But they belong together, like a 2-pack you don’t break. A duet with impeccable taste. They have their own sphere. Where everything is beautiful, genuine and in every detail fantastic. Everything from small hand-cut garlands in the Christmas tree to the homemade santa-foam fudge.

We had been invited to Christmas lunch, sneak the new book and diy craft. And Christmas snacks and presents. And scented candles and hugs. The stars glowed and the lights flickered. The sound level was high and the laughter constant. The Christmas tree so green in the cottage and on the porch we forgot all about the cake. It’s true. Sadly.

One by one, the most gallant women stepped over the threshold. One might think that power women feel like a worn-out concept, but just can’t come up with a better description when the energy in the room completely shakes.

– Oh hey. *hug hug
– Hey. *hug hugs
– Hello! *hug hug
And in this lovely company we got the good honor to talk a little about our book baby. We introduced Penny. Our brave little Penny who dares when no one else dares. And if the impetus to help their loved ones is stronger than the fear. Because the evil force is bad. He hates child smell and dislikes questioning. So we had to through a small warning that the book is a bit scary, so we don’t cause any nightmares. All children are different, but many like a little scary. Maybe we can understand it, we who like ghost stories, Stranger Thing, criminal histories and Halloween.

Another addition is our new matchboxes, from our Pay it Forward category, where a portion of sales goes to charity. Long matches in five different motifs. Imagine how nice it is to help. Together. Light a candle in the dark and know that we are contributing to someone in need. Somewhat larger. A project that started with a love for the lovely company Quod (who creates the world’s most beautiful scented candles) we simply teamed up and produced matchboxes for the benefit of the Friends Foundation. SEK 10/Euro 1 per box sold goes to Friends’ important work against bullying and to create a safe and secure environment for our children.

Alexandra, Anna, vi, Tove. (image 1) Anja (image 2) and Quod-Anna (image 3).

Emma, Emelie, Nadja, Anja (image 1) Najda (image 2) Malin & Sofia (image 3) Anna, Towe, Elin, Emma (image 4) and this event’s youngest power women Lykke, with Caroline. (image 5). Jasmina and Marlene ended up out of the picture but was highly present.

And as the finest Christmas gift, these pictures appeared in our inbox, taken by fantastic Malin Lindner. Thank you!