It’s chaotic, but still a wonderful mess


In the past, it was close between the schools in the countryside. Nowadays, almost all are closed and the old school buildings are filled with other activities. We are always happy when new owners renovate with a gentle hand. The plan for this beautiful school is course activities and the vision is a culture house. But now the school can be rented for events, courses and other events.

Luckily for us, our creative team Anna & Jasmina had full control of this place and since forever flagged that this would be our perfect next location.

The advantage of working the long-term relationship is in addition to all the soft values such as friendship, laughter and genuine feedback is, for example, this. Even before we had booked shooting, made the collection and planned for the props, there was a plan for location. As a bonus, we could sleep over and be extra efficient, avoid unnecessary transports aka have time for a cozy evening.

"But just as fast as the storm rolled in, it's over again and we go home with gold in our memory cards."

This Wednesday, we launched the latest products from this photography. Pacifier holders and bibs.

– “I have put away the broken glass”, I shout from my third coffee-brewing assignment. Malin writes contracts and do counters. And has a pacifier test. At the same time. Phones ring. Someone is shouting directions to a phone with speakerphone enabled.

It’s chaos, but a wonderful chaos.

But just as fast as the storm rolled in, it’s over again, same as every time. We lock the old wooden door, fill luggage and back seats with rattan beds, patterned textiles, canopies, pillows, beautiful ribbons, paper rolls and party hats and go home with gold in our memory cards.

The process is now only in the memory and all that remains in solid format are the beautiful images.

All photos are taken by Anna Kubel & Jasmina Bylund