Hidden placed is no hidden place

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The most beautiful book of the year. Undoubtedly. We had so high expectations. Higher than Mt Everest. But we already know, given so much evidence of it, that when Sofia and Nathalie set off, there are no limits. And boundless it is. Boundless beautiful, boundless creative and almost inhumanly inventive. We are so full of admiration. We know what it takes to put together a book. Time. Almost limitless with time. Who has that? You want every page to be a above amazing. You want every page to be its best. And if you only win the readers time for a few minutes, you want their eyes to stay on the most beautiful, the most beautiful.

But that, my friends, is no one’s concern here. Beyond amazing are each side. Amen.

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The obvious becomes so obvious when you put on the shutter glasses.” As we love the spread on pages 46-47 on flea markets and reuse. So much wisdom baked into beautiful words. And the text on page 66, about the deal that was initially thought of as a pizzeria, because “when the sun warms the world, you get sucked in“.

But did you know that the recipe for soap bubbles gets better by rainwater ?! Who could have guessed? And the lovely words that made the tears stand in line in the tear duct, a short sentence on page 105 on courage. .. “to say hello to the one who sat alone on the break” … and those where obvious things like …  “What you most want to do is to live under the tree crowns.” Of course. What else?

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Reads the so thoughtful words on page 152, about creating together with children, and yet again it strikes me. I want to do craft more. Less iPad, more crafts. The inner conflict between “picking up, clean the mess” and “living in creative chaos”. The calm of the innermost soul wants removed and clean but is it the best? According to whom? Why does the soul say so? I think like so many times that variety is the winner here. And smart storage. Of course.

And then, there is no age limit. Our children are 6-11 years old. But we are 40+ and still want to do it. Like dough. What is better when you feel bad? Like sewing, drawing, folding. What is better when you have butterfly heart or rabbit pulse?

At Lotta Lundberg aka Drömma we find not only a magical world but also Miss Della. Things that make us extra, extra happy. Or really, it wasn’t me who found her, it was my daughter.
“Mom, here’s Della.”

Another valuable insight I find on page 154. Stop Clearing, Start Saving! Quite unlike Maria Kondo and her cleansing hysteria. A thought-provoking text about turning on the steak. About seeing the rubbish as props to the next piece of jewelery.

Didn’t I just put that nice dress with lilac purple and light yellow small flowers in the recycling bin? Oh no, t would have been the finest garland …

Must make home made dough? The recipe is of course in the book. In the waking hours of the waking hours, it is thought about what kind of Christmas tree decoration can be best-looking, or possibly the most fun in home made painted dough.

And this year there will probably be no gingerbread house. We always get burned. And crying a splash. There will probably be painted milk packages with LED lighting. I see them already in front of me. And we go safe, completely without burns.

“Maybe it’s more important than ever to let our children grow up in an environment where craftsmanship take place. How else will  they understand the value of a thing or object? Crafting is much more than just a knowledge or production method. It’s more than just aesthetics. It’s about being human and expressing it with the power of the hand.” (page 168)

New Year. Stupidest holiday for children right. Hello, the 12 o’clock thing!! Who came up with it? But with open mind and a little time magic you can move the time. Why haven’t we thought of it like that?! Happy New Year at 8 pm? Just before bedtime.

Now we have READ the entire book. I sincerely hope it will be translate into all the languages in the world. The text allows us to travel, like a beautiful time machine. Words have that special gift. I have only one thing to say. Thank you.

Hidden Places is not a hidden place. It is the invitation to an open world, to something new, magical and enchanting. Rain of fireflies, sea of gold, clouds of softest fantasy dreams. Welcome to a addictive place where you want to stay for eternity.

Sofia and Nathalie, no one has boundless of time. Boundless, on the other hand, is the degree of admiration for all the work and love you put into this book.

Thank you for the beautiful treasure you have created. Thank You.