Feeling Beyond Grateful Today

Today is a very special day. Not only it’s ”Kanelbullens dag” (I’ll explain that later*) It is our Birthday. Yeah! Today it is exactly FIVE years since we launched our first collection. Were you with us at that time? Do you remember the first collection? Let me take you down the memory lane..

*Oh, I was about to forget. Kanelbullens dag is a Swedish tradition or maybe more of a PR stunt, where we all eat an excessive amount of cinnamon buns. We are a snack people where the word fika does not even exist in other countries. So a bit silly, but today almost all Swedish eat cinnamon buns.

But today our focus begins from five years ago until this very birthday!
This might be the images you have never seen before or we have never showen you before….

Miss Betty, was one out of four in our first collection named ‘Superheroes’ launched 4th of October.  She was accompanied by extremely popular Miss Tyra, Miss Flora and Mr. Olle. The collection took us by storm, threw us off the chair and sold out in less than ten days.

We had no administrative plan, no packaging, no systems. Nothing. We practiced learning by doing and no beauty sleep what so ever. During ten days we were in chock. In LOVE chock.

After the success of ‘Superheroes’ we understand Mrs Mighetto had something we couldn’t let go. We knew we were in love with these small characters we made up, but we stared to realize that maybe it was more than just us. We hovered on small clouds of happiness.

So in Dec 2014 we launched ‘Fantastic Four’. Miss Sally, Miss Majken, Mr Bosse and Mr Henry  – all in size 18×24 cm a format that been with us since then.

Our prints were now sold in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand and happily for us taking cared of by talented retailers stores world-wide.

‘Into the Woods’ were launched in Feb 2015 with the characters; Miss Märta and Miss Ester (after our daughters) and Mr Ted and Mr Eric.

Photo: Sofia Jansson

In August 2015 we launched ‘Among the Clouds’ with our new friends; Miss Lily (with the swan) Miss Edit, Mr Valter and Mr Oscar. The collection were taken by talented Sofia.

photo: Bellalulu Interiors

In Nov 2015, we released two super-size prints size 70×100 cm and Miss Elsa-Stina and Miss Harriet. The two ‘Wondergirls‘ was signed on the front and numbered in limited edition of 450 prints.

March 2016, we launch our French collection ‘Les Petits’, Miss Lola, Miss Vivienne, Mr Jack and Mr Francis.

Photo: Anna Malmberg

In June, 2016, we decided to do a grown-up collection ‘Selected by’ and we came up with the very dear to us Ruby-Li and Billie-Rose.

Photo: Sofia Jansson

Sept 2016 we said hello to ‘Circus Mighetto’ and our largest collection so far. 

"Come one, come all – the circus is in town! This is a world full of epic experiences, unparalleled magic and dreamlike backdrops, but also one of convincing insights and highly valuable lessons."

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Photo: Emily Dahl

Are you still awake?…
In March 2017, we released ‘The End of the Forest’.

…Deep within the Land in the Sky, twelve islands float weightlessly. There, you’d do well to find a friend with wings to help you move between the different islands. Charlie lives on Green Sconce Island and knows the paths that run between springtime and winter. On the Isle of Knowledge you’ll meet Vera, who offers comfort when you’ve lost something or someone from the other side, while her soulmate Alice watches this world that seems to be the best-kept secret of all the ages.

Photo: Malin Lindner

‘The Forgotten Tivoli’, released in Sept 2017 with so many characters we still love so much. Keep them in mind. If all goes well we be soon visiting the Forgotten Tivoli in a different way… Cross your fingers, s’il vouz plait.

Photo: Malin Lindner

Miss Della was our first charity project, launch in Feb 14th, Valentines Day, 2018 and up to now you have helped us collect over 50.000 SEK. SEK 25 (Euro 2,5) per each poster sold goes directly to The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) and its work in the area of brain disease, injury and disability.

More than one in three Swedes will have a brain disease at some point in their lives – stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, migraine, depression, addiction or anorexia to give some common examples. If you list the most common causes of lost healthy years, 8 out of 10 are brain diseases. In addition, the number of dementia patients is increasing dramatically – a quarter of a million Swedes are predicted to be affected by 2050.

Many people may think that brain disease most often affects the aging. But the fact is that every tenth child born in Sweden has some kind of brain diagnosis. In every school class there are children who suffer from autism, ADHD or dyslexia. And the proportion of 16-24 year-olds who report being disturbed by mental illness and depression has tripled in twenty years.

Miss Della is based on a true story and we are so honoured to work with Ditte and her beautiful family.

Photo: Viktoria Holmgren/ Anna Kubel & Jasmina Bylund

In March 2018, ‘The Lake Stories’ came to life, Miss Eva, Miss Laura, Miss Ines, Mr Edwrd, Mr Tom, Miss Bianca… and some of the products are still available.

Photo: Sofia Jansson

In Oct 2018, it was time for ‘Land of Birds’ collection.

…In the land of birds you are either born with wings or, quite simply, as a bird. Inhabitants reside in tower rooms or high up in the tree tops. Flying is the only way to get around. Individual Minimighettos born without wings are instead rewarded with enchanted gifts and inherit an honourable task in the bird palace.


Photo: Anna Kubel/Jasmina Bylund

The dream of one day writing and illustrate a children’s book came true with the ABC-book Lonely in the Land of Letters, launched Dec 2018, where our beloved characters came to life in a longer format. And who knows, maybe more books will come…

At the same date we laughed the main characters in the book as prints, Miss Elba and Mr Elliott. 

Foto: Anna Kubel/Jasmina Bylund

…The old, forgotten house had been empty for a hundred years when the theatre family first found it. It was their last hope. Rotten and utterly dilapidated, some nonetheless saw its potential. The theatre group had no doubts at all – this was their new home, their stage and their venue to perform scripts based on their own unique gifts. The house was large enough and, most crucially of all, far away from their most dreaded enemy. It was the place they’d been waiting for.

In March 2019, we launched ‘My Tiny Theater’. Mr Frank, Mr John, Miss Edda, Miss Lucy, Miss Poppy, Hazel… and we have the most amazing photo shoot in this hidden castle, remember?.. Shortly after we release our very first board book based on the characters in My Tiny Theater.

And here we finally are – “now-time” – launching our 19th collection ‘Ocean Kids’. Happy Birthday to us and happy happy us to have you by our side. Thank you!

We are forever and beyond grateful for this journey and for each and every one of these past five years!

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    Happy 5th Birthday to you two! You are amazing! I am so happy to have found you! ???? Good luck to you in the future. ????

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