Make your own Christmas pixie door

Nobody has missed all the tiny Christmas Pixies who moved into the cabins at the height of the footers? We made our own for fun … but it turned out that more people want this door. As soon as we install the door, it was like pressing a button. We saw how piccaninny packages were created. How someone lived in there. How it was whistled and rattled. Cute! How a mini-door can be the accelerator for the imagination.

This is where they live. They cook porridge, lacquer their gifts with small mini stamps, make rhymes so that the pencils glow and chew nuts. Well, not mama pixie. She can’t tolerate nuts, but it’s not airborne so Big-Pixie can chew on.

If you want to make your own fantasy gas pedal aka Pixie door, you save this image, print (preferably on thick paper) and cloth up on any wall. The imagination you have to handle for yourself. The children can certainly help.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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