Did you know that the octopus has three hearts ..?


… “The wind sweeps slowly by. It’s calmer now. The brave bunch of ocean kids have fallen asleep, the waves have rocked them into a deep slumber. A bunch of kids brought together by fate, which only exists thanks to their gifts. The little group survived when breeze became storm and when dew became monsoon. A time when strength was needed and magic was indispensable.”

So is the overall “fairy tale” from our latest collection; Ocean Kids, which includes these tattoos. Our little Merbunny, (who gave us an equal record on Instagram) our flying bird, Flying Sparrow (which is also available as a poster) and the octopus from the depths of the ocean. By the way, did you know that an octopus has three hearts and that their blood is blue?


Should you really tattoo children? Yes, that might be a question. But oh dear, our kids have loved it! This product is so poppis of all ages. It is tattoo-time for all occasions here at home. From everyday fun to party fix. And easy to apply (see below) and if you want to remove them gently we recommend baby oil.

1,2,3,4 – voilá!

How to apply:
1. Peel away the clear plastic layer.
2. Apply the tattoo face-down on your skin.
3. Cover with a wet cloth for 15 secs.
4. Peel away the paper backing and voila!


" We have made this choice because we believe that this is the safest option for both children and adults. "

Our temporary tattoos last 2-7 days and sometimes even longer depending on the type of your skin, where you place the tattoo and on how careful you are. When producing Mrs Mighetto Tattoos we only work with decal (press-on) water-transfer temporary tattoos that use pigments that have been approved for cosmetics. We have made this choice because we believe that this is the safest temporary tattoo option for both children and adults.

All temporary tattoos are safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Fake Tattoos uses a time-proven manufacturing process that ensures our products meet or exceed all applicable requirements in Europe and USA.


On #mrsmighettotattoo there are a lot of beautiful pictures of our tattoos. Wonderful Linda and her lovely pictures usually pop up among the most popular posts. The beautiful pictures in this post have been taken by our friends Jasmina Bylund and Anna Kubel. Like works of art.