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Custom Project is simple a concept with custom-designed Wallpaper Murals to create your dream space for the nursery. The children’s room is undoubtedly the most magical room in the home. It’s also where the child begins their magical journey and development. In the children’s room, memories are created, imagination and curiosity flourish, and we strive to create an environment with the best conditions for moments of security and attachment. It’s here that we build a part of the important foundation that will grow and provide security in your child’s life.

For us, the children’s room is also the most fun room in the home to decorate. It’s a room of possibilities. Here, one can unleash creativity with decor and details, from floor to ceiling. Throughout the year, we’ve had the pleasure of being in rooms where the ceiling is a circus tent, where the bed floats in the air, where the entire room is a jungle filled with imaginary animals, the dino room, the unicorn room, and of course, the enchanted fairy tale room. We’ve had the joy of participating in creating fun, quirky, beautiful, and breath-taking rooms.


What is Custom Project?

Now, we’re taking the next step and offering ‘Custom Project,’ a concept that allows walls to be designed exactly as desired. Custom-sized and custom-designed wallpapers precisely tailored to the wall’s exact measurements.

Simply put together one of our unique character on the background you desire. We have over a hundred Minimighetto characters to choose from, every one of them is hand painted in watercolor with love to details and with a personal story.

Everything is possible! Join us in creating a magical dream room today!



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What is the price?

Prices are 75 EUR/USD per square meter plus a design fee of 300 EUR/USD.

An example: A wall measuring 2.30 x 3 meters is approximately 7 square meters = 825 EUR/USD. The prices include one sketch and two adjustments.

Payment is made via bank transfer or PayPal upon ordering.

Since the wallpaper is custom-made and tailored specifically for you, it is neither possible to exchange, return, nor supplement it afterwards. As each printing process is unique, there may also be slight variations in color. Therefore, wait for your product to match adjacent walls or other matching interior elements.


Interior Designers

We are excited and prepared to assist in finding the solution for your customers and their journey to create the most delightful dream children’s room. But luxury doesn’t end with design alone. Our wallpapers are not only visually striking but also crafted with durability and sustainability in mind. Using eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques, we ensure that every inch of your child’s magical realm is as kind to the planet as it is captivating to the eye.

In addition to children’s rooms, we have also been given the opportunity to create bedrooms, stairwells, environments in hotel lobbies and public environments. We have a small unique selection of art design.


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