Charity ladies on the wall


It’s finally here … and on its way to all of you who have ordered. Behind the scenes and all the history of our beloved wall calendar can already be read here. Why we call it our own Christmas present and why it looks the way it does.


December is usually our charity month. We have worked and are working with the Childhood Cancer Foundation, the Friends Foundation, the Swedish Brain Foundation and Swedish Läkarmissionen. Four of many, many important organizations that work actively against terrible issues.

Our Art Wall Calendar is one of this year’s important charity projects.

Anna Sylvan_ Mrs Mighetto_ Malin Mighetto
Fru Vintage_Läkarmissionen

Pictures taken by Fru Vintage via her blog.

We got in touch with the Läkarmissionen’s important work for the first time in February 2019. Marlene, perhaps better known as Fru Vintage, had invited us to ‘the Most Important Breakfast of the Year‘, she told us about when she met Maselech. She was then 9 years old and a slave. A breakfast filled with tears.

In December of the same year, we did an event together with Marlene, the same tima as our first book release of ‘Lonely in the Land of Letters’. It is about a girl who is in pain everywhere precisely for the reason that she is alone. She finds strength in the Land of Letters when she dares to break a pattern and move forward. In connection with this, we rented a room and for a few days we built a POP UP Book & Art store and part of the sales went to Läkarmissionen.

Since then, we have followed their important work and they make a difference. In so many different places around the world.


“Raped women and children are often
excluded from society after the abuses. "

We care about women all over the world. Not everyone has the distinguished opportunity for healthcare that we have in the Western world.

At Panzi Hospital in Congo, more than 50,000 raped women and children have been helped over the years, both with their physical wounds and with creating a new future for themselves and their children, as they are often rejected by society after the abuse.

This hospital also offers births, family planning and regular medical care. For example, daily life is saved for premature babies and children between the ages of 0-12 who have suffered from malnutrition.

Panzi Hospital is perhaps best known for Dr. Denis Mukwege, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and his efforts for women and girls who have been subjected to brutal rape.

For almost twenty years, Läkarmissionen has been the largest contributor to the operation of this unique hospital, which is of great importance in the eastern part of DR Congo. Thanks to the support from Läkarmissionen’s donors in Sweden, even those who are poor can get help at Panzis Hospital. But the need is enormous and your support is needed.

When you buy our Art Wall Calendar, you become a supporter! SEK 15 per calendar sold goes directly to Läkarmissionen’s important work with the Panzi Hospital in Congo.