Cancer never affects just one person

A year ago, we received the message no one wants to receive. You have cancer. The doctors’ calming gaze towards my innermost chaos. The information became words without content. Facts without meaning. I can not do this. But at the same time. I can handle everything.
We have to make it.

A year has passed. A year of hospital, treatments and medicine. Pain, worry and fear. An autumn, a winter, a spring, a summer and another autumn.

Every autumn we make a collection and donate part of the sales to charity.
This year, the Cancer research felt like the obvious choice.

This is a small part of my story. And Malin’s. Which speaks through our Ladies. Our C Ladies.

Cancer never affects just one person. It affects a best friend, a workplace, family members and small children. It came to us and changed our life.

…”One day I told you. I said that we might remember this moment forever or it will drown in the oceans of conversations that will not affect our future. I told you after lunch, the cup of tea in my hands burning my palms just as the tears burning behind my eyes. Eight little words. I have discovered a lump in my breast.”

When you buy Lady Cecilia, we donate 25 SEK per each poster sold to the benefit of cancer research.

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…”It is clear, even in their wandering gaze. Their eyes reveal them. Something unreal becomes the truth. Why their mum? Why cancer? Then comes the questions. The ones you don’t want to answer. The ones you wish they never had to ask. Without knocking, the harsh reality is bursting through the door. And in the middle of emotional chaos, you need to be honest. Without scaring them.”

When you buy Lady Carin, we donate 25 SEK per each poster sold to the benefit of cancer research.

…”The parking lot looks the same, but my world has collapsed. I turn up the seat heating hoping to stop shaking. I study the way he shifts weight. The way he pulls his beard. The small things that are evident. Chrystal clear. He bought coconut cake. My favourite. Today, it taste like nothing. It sticks to the roof of my mouth. I eat it anyways. A tasteless gratitude. We don’t touch each other. We just sit there, side by side, crying. Together, each with our own heavy cloud of anxiety over our heads.”

In Sweden alone, 9.000 women are every year told that they have breast cancer. You probably know someone. When you buy Lady Cornelia, we donate 25 SEK per each poster sold to the benefit of cancer research.

All posters are  available in size 30×40 and 50×70 cm. See the entire collection here.

A year has passed. A year of hospitals, treatments and medicine, but also a year of fantastic healthcare, hope, lots of love and gratitude. It may sound cliché, but we have learned one thing. We only have now. No one knows anything about their later. Now is the time.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affect women. About 20 women are told about breast cancer every day, only in Sweden. The chance of being cured has increased in recent decades. This is mainly because more cases are detected early. And on better treatment methods. Thanks to major research advances, more than 85 percent of those who have breast cancer are alive ten years after contracting it.

Support the research. There is hope. Together we save lives.

Portrait photo: Malin Lindner