Black, Black, Black…

A simple guess is that your inboxes are flooded with Black Friday-, Cyber Monday-, Green week-, Black weekend- offers right now. We are not psychic, just old in the game.

And you know. We have thought a lot. What are we going to do this year? Back and forth, in and out and here come our unfiltered thoughts.

In previous years we have decided to ot be a part of Black Friday, we have firmly said no, with the flag waving loudly we have stubbornly resisted. No, no and no. Have we sold anything? No, not a thing. Has the concept changed? The answer is no. On the contrary, in fact. Black Friday has grown with each passing year. Record, upon record. And what is the effect of that?

Well, all the small companies that really care, that can and want to influence, stand for good production, good handling of waste materials, good transport, good collaborations, smart material choices, they decrease and the big dragons increase. Unfortunately, the consumer wants to make a deal!

Last year we received an email from a single mother. All she wanted was to buy a Miss Hazel poster for her daughter as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, we were too high in price and since she was planning her purchases for Black Friday, she wondered if our products would be included in any offer.

– No, we said proudly, we are completely against unnecessary consumerism. But somewhere the words stuck in our throats. Sometimes maybe Black Friday, or temporarily lower prices is more about including? Making products available to more people? That those who have not been able to participate, but longing just as much, they can actually take advantage of. Is it so bad?

We are against consumerism, every day of the week. The Black Friday concept is 100% encouragement for consumption. And we are not number one fan. But for the fifth year in a row with passive protest that has had zero effect, we want to be part of it. We want to offer nicely produced products, where every sale involves replanting forest, where parts of the sale go to the Friends Foundation again bullying and discrimination, where every delivery is sent with DHL Go Green, where every product is put into production with an ambition to make the smallest possible footprint on the environment. Small companies like us will not survive if we give exclusive rights to this big event called Black Friday to the big companies.

Instead we say like Björn, We may be wrong, but we want to try.
Next year we may do something completely different.
Hit us with your thoughts!

Here are our selected special prices products.