Foldning Stars

Like so many times, it starts with chocolate. Yes, but it’s true. One positive leads to the other. Chocolate turned into “let’s have ginger bread”, and all of a sudden we bathe in a sea of glue sticks, cutting mats, proof prints, wallpapers and hyacinths. Nothing weird. Christmas 2019. Instgramworld’s most obvious post – Star folding.

"We are digging in old drawers. There we find oceans of useful star fabric.
Savers are the winners. "

So we took what we had at home. Sample print on Mr Frank and his adorable (and Christmas-ish) coloring. Wax paper and wallpaper residue. Wooden balls from old Wall friends that were damaged in the shipping. Whoever saves has treasures, go and get them!

We folded and folded, until the sun went down and November crept back into its eternal darkness. Folding stars is both easy and fun. Yes and nice, and cozy and child friendly of course and it goes on … Simply good craft. Instructions superfluous when the professionals have already done the job. Visit our fine friend Mokkasin-Sofia for fabulous pedagogy. Or Angelica Rosengren’s fantastic post on folding stars. Brilliant.

Can’t find any craft paper at home, take a look at our wrapping and craft paper.

Happy folding!