All of a sudden it was love. Such is life. Or, as Anna said, “This must be seen by the world.”


Said and done, more water was mixed with color, ideas became reality, proofing went into sharp prints, illustrations became framed paintings, our beloved characters got their names and magical personalities, word got into action and so on.

We are a Swedish brand started in 2014, based in Stockholm Sweden. We mainly create prints but also wallpapers and interior accessories for the nursery and kids room. The first collection (launched Oct 2014) named ‘Superheroes’ were sold out in less than two weeks. Now, our collection of products is sold in more than 20 countries, in over 150 stores. Products are made from original paintings in watercolour and has been described as products full of fantasy, history and mystery suitable for kids, and their parents. We are carefully selective and prioritize quality before quantity. Our poster collections are limited editions and when they are sold out we do no re-print. Our ambition is to release two print collections every year.

The dream of one day writing and illustrating a children’s book came true with the ABC-book Lonely in the Land of Letters (launched Dec 2018) where Mrs Mighetto’s characters came to life in a longer format. Since then we are continuing releasing books in different shapes and formats. We are now so excited about our latest book The Forgotten Tivoli which is our first book that has been translated to German!

We hope you will like our work!

Malin & Anna

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If you, like us wants to contribute take a look in the category Pay it Forward which includes products where part of the profit goes to organisations who makes a difference.

Miss Della was our first charity project, launch FEB 14TH, 2018 and up to now you have helped us collect over 50.000 SEK. SEK 25 (Euro 2,5) per each poster sold goes directly to The Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) and its work in the area of brain disease, injury and disability.

More than one in three Swedes will have a brain disease at some point in their lives – stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, migraine, depression, addiction or anorexia to give some common examples. If you list the most common causes of lost healthy years, 8 out of 10 are brain diseases. In addition, the number of dementia patients is increasing dramatically – a quarter of a million Swedes are predicted to be affected by 2050.

Many people may think that brain disease most often affects the aging. But the fact is that every tenth child born in Sweden has some kind of brain diagnosis. In every school class there are children who suffer from autism, ADHD or dyslexia. And the proportion of 16-24 year-olds who report being disturbed by mental illness and depression has tripled in twenty years.

Miss Della is based on a true story and we are so honoured to work with Ditte and her beautiful family.

"Thank you for helping us help."

Our second large project is with Friends organization and their important work.

Every year 60,000 children and adolescents in Sweden alone are subject to bullying. For many, the constant attacks lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. The responsibility for these safety of your children rests with us adults. It is up to us to make a difference.

The Swedish Organization Friends is campaigning for the safety of children. Their efforts are focused where they are needed most. In the classroom and sports grounds, online and in school playgrounds. They ensure that the issue of bullying is taken seriously by decision makers and society as a whole.

When you purchase our MRS MIGHETTO X FRIENDS motives, you are contributing to helping the most vulnerable of our children, any of whom could be my daughter or your son. Our children come first. SEK 25 per poster sold is donated to Friends and their vital work in preventing and stopping bullying and discrimination.

The last five years we have made smaller project around Christmas with Barncancerfornden and Läkarmission. Thank you for helping us help.


Oct 2014 – Superheroes
Dec 2014 – Fantastic Four
Feb 2015 – Into The Woods
Aug 2015 – Among the Clouds
Nov 2015 – Wondergirls
March 2016 – Les Petits
June 2016 – Selected by
Sept 2016 – Circus Mighetto
March 2017 – The End of The Forest
Sept 2017 – The Forgotten Tivoli
Feb 2018 – Miss Della
March 2018 – The Lake Stories
Dec 2018 – Land of Birds
Dec 2018 – Lonely in the Land of Letters, the Children’s book
March 2019 – My Tiny Theater
June 2019 – 123 board book
Oct 2019 – Ocean Kids
April 2020 – Fairground Friends
Sept 2020 – Ladies of the Lake
Oct 2020 – The Story of Gertrud & Bats collection
Nov 2020 – The Kindness/Friends posters
March 2021 – Ladies of the Meadow
May 2021 – Baby Mighetto
June 2021 – Baby Mighetto, part 2
Oct 2021 – D Ladies
Dec 2021 – Master Of the Keys
May 2022 – Land of Agaskar
Aug 2022 – Ladybug Love
Oct 2022 – C Ladies
Dec 2022 – Christmas Collection Blue Floral
April 2023 – The Secret of Acorn Valley
May 2023 – Ladies no 22, 23, 24
Oct 2023 – Drakens År, pekbok
Nov 2023 – The Story of Bibi


Nobody is perfect but we are trying to make conscious choices. We strive to have our products made from responsible sources and we are proud to support VI-skogen (a Swedish organisation) who plants trees in Africa to fight poverty). Read more in our Environmental Policy on how we are trying to work responsibly.