DIY Bed Drape, at least our interpretation

"It can be awkward, crunchy but also just ... wonderful."

Talking about learning by doing and launch the boat rather than staying on dry land. Sometimes you just have to test an idea. It can be awkward, crunchy but also just … really wonderful. The children cheered and what more could you possible wish for!?

A variant of bed drape. Without the roof, but the word curtain sounds so incurably sad, bed curtain. No, no. It’s a drape with the roof. If you want to, you can of course also hang a length of fabric as a roof, and well we have a bedding sky. We did not do so because of sloping ceilings, but with a straight roof you can count on 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Good to have:

  • Band
  • Hooks
  • Curtains / fabric
  • About 10 minutes
  • Courage


  • Set up hooks in the ceiling
  • Thread the ribbon through the curtain (if you selected fabric, you will need to sew pleats (add 10 minutes)
  • Hang up and fluff – ta-taa!

Then it became chaos. After all, there are two kids, two kids’ rooms and two kids who also want the coolest bed corner to crawl into. This was so UNFAIR. Okay. Touché. Add 10 minutes and repeat all points from the beginning.

Tip! We found the nice pair of curtains on IKEA HANNALILL, if you do not already have something to work with at home.