A little sneak peek of the tiny costume designer

When Gertrud came to life for the first time (The Forgotten Tivoli, in Sept 2017), we fell so in love with her. The tiny costume designer who sewed the entire circus’ outfits and decor. There she stood on the top of the tent with fiery red curls with a sewing needle in hand. She became our tiniest little hero. And then she returned on a new motif this spring (Fairground Friends, in April 2020), still armed with a needle, on guard on a spool of thread. Our little master.

But what not many people know is that several characters have a whole little story about themselves. As an extended presentation, a poetic little CV. And since love always wins, our beloved little Gertrud was first out. Now comes the story about her. Go ahead and sneak a peek some of the illustrations from the book.

The book on rhyme about Gertrud, the little costume designer, is about finding passion and that smallness is not a limit to creating great things. The book is suitable for children around 3-6 years old and if all proofs, translations and bookbindings go as they should (keep your fingers crossed) it will be released this fall, in October.