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Miss Eva

Miss Eva is our lucky pill. After this incredible respons from you we are so happy she finally came to life. She was not meant to be from the very first beginning… but after so many round of “kill your darlings” she was impossible to resist. We had fallen in love. 

We thought that perhaps Miss Della would have sole rights over butterflies and that Eva was not ritual of the inhabitants of the lake …

One of our most common questions is if we can not make more posters in smaller format .. so at the last minute we decided that Eva would be part of this collection and that we would make her in smaller format, 30×40 cm. 

She already take place at my daughters room beside larger prints of size 40×50 cm and 50×70 cm. We love the mix of different sizes in the photo wall.

Miss Eva spreads joy. When gloom descends and hard work gnaws at her friends, Eva just laughs. She is like the weighing scales of sadness and joy, as her laughter is like medicine. Eva takes others’ sorrow and fears and gives back pure joy… 

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  • Wow good post.Thanks for sharing it.All the posters are so good.I am really impressed by your works.You are doing a fantastic job.I have seen other blogs also.And all are really good.Liked your works.The mix of different sizes in the photo wall is good.That will definitely create a good ambience.As you said,she spread joy,she gives back pure joy.Liked the way you explain it.The last one is so good.Keep it up.Please keep sharing more post like this.Really looking forward to it.Thanks once again for sharing it.

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