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A selection of our favourites


  • Poster Miss Doris


    …Everyone can feel anxious at some point. Doris has the gift of serenity. She speaks without words and helps without solutions. Still, she works on the Island of Solutions, with all the difficulties that do not necessarily need a quick solution but instead give the seeker a wisdom and significant experience.

    This poster is available in sizes  30×40 cm and 50×70 cm. It is printed on 170 g matte premium paper to maintain the nice feel of the original painting.

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  • Paper Friends – Bunnies


    DIY paper friends.

    3 sheets with a total of 12 double printed bunnies.
    Cut out the paper friends and be creative!

    Make your own wall decoration and attach them to the wall with tabs or adhesive pads. Make your own garland, decorate packages, make cake decorations, or several thousand other ideas we haven’t even thought of.


  • Poppies for Marlene – Dark Blue – Sample


    Wallpaper sample of Poppies for Marlene in the color Dark Blue. Wiewing wallpaper on a screen can be difficult to do. Order a sample to see how the wallpaper would look in your home.

    If you order this item only, shipping is free but delivery time is a bit longer.

    The sample measures 279×432 mm (A3).

    You can buy the customized wallpaper here.

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  • Poppies for Marlene – Dark Blue

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  • Sixten – The Kind Master of Keys


    Sixten can conjure up keys to all the locks in the world
from his magic hat. But can he really just conjure up keys? Join Sixten as he helps the stern queen who thinks she
can live without her laughter and her singing voice if she only finds a valuable treasure, but our kind master of keys knows better than that…

    ’Sixten, the kind master of keys’ is a dreamy book on rhyme for children 3-6 years old. The book is 32 pages of Mrs Mighetto’s typical whimsical mark of fairy tale and aquarelle.

    Sixten had received the very best letter –
    he was needed at court and the sooner the better.
    His help with keys and locks was forever sought,
    in every town and country court.

    Of all the gifts that could be found,
    as a talented key master Sixten was crowned.

    Sixten lifted a golden chest out his magic hat and said:
    “My task is to convince the Queen, that this one is better instead.”

    “Now it’s that serious, my inner voice I can hear,
    and when I listen properly, it says the answers are already clear”.

  • Sixten – Den vänlige nyckelmästaren


    Sixten kan trolla fram nycklar till världens alla lås ur sin magiska hatt. Men kan han verkligen bara trolla fram nycklar? Följ med Sixten när han hjälper den stränga drottningen som tror att hon kan leva utan sitt skratt och sin sångröst om hon bara hittar en värdefull skatt, men vår vänlige nyckelmästare vet bättre än så…

    Sixten, den vänlige nyckelmästaren är en högläsningsbok på rim för barn 3-6 år. Bokens 32 sidor är fyllda med Mrs Mighettos poetiska texter och karakteristiska akvarellmålningar.

    Sixten hade mottagit det allra finaste av kuvert,
    hans hjälp efterfrågades vid hovet,
    omedelbart om det inte var till för mycket besvär.

    Av alla gåvor var nyckelmästeri den som var hans,
    få upp omöjliga lås och trolla fram nycklar man inte trodde fanns.

    Ur sin magiska hatt lyfte Sixten upp en ask och sa:
    ”Min uppgift är att övertyga hennes Höghet om att den här är lika bra”.

    ”Mitt inre talar högre nu när det är allvar,
    när jag lyssnar ordentligt finns redan alla svar”.



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